Titan Banner Brackets LED Banner Enhancers

[Translate] It may only be August but the days are getting a little shorter and the nights are getting a little longer. Now is the time to start thinking about maximizing your banners’ exposure by using our LED Banner Enhancers. We have dozens of styles for you to choose from which will give your banners 24 […] […]

Titan Adjustable Banner Brackets for street banners

[Translate] Summer is officially here and literally hundreds of customers have ordered Titan Banner Brackets over the past few weeks. Many customers are mounting our Titan Banner Hardware as part of a decor integration program. They are utilizing the multi-application of our Titan Mounting System by combining seasonal banners with Titan Hanging Flower Basket Holders and […] […]

Titan Banner Brackets adjustable banner hardware

[Translate] The winds of spring will quickly approach and that means plenty of strain on your street and avenue banners. Piece of mind is what you need when considering a banner installation program and Titan Banner Brackets will safely and securely mount your banners in any location and provide perfect presentation every time. You can choose […] […]

Titan Banner Brackets adjustable light pole banner tension

[Translate] Once you have mounted your street or building banners it is presumable that you will have several different banner programs throughout each year. Changing out banners can either be difficult or it can be easy. Easy changeouts is preferable and this is where Titan Banner Brackets have a leg up on the competition. Although there […] […]