Titan heavy windload banner brackets for poles

[Translate] Making certain that your banners will be safely and perfectly presented on your utility poles or wall mount areas is the most important consideration for your banner program. Titan Adjustable Banner Hardware has an 80 mph windload certification which provides you the confidence necessary to mount your banners in any location. Titan Banner Brackets are […] […]

Rust proof aluminum Titan pole banner hanging brackets

[Translate] When researching and purchasing mounting brackets for your street banners make certain that you are getting a rust-proof product. Titan Banner Brackets are gravity cast aluminum alloy assuring you of rust-proof performance year after year. Titan Banner Brackets feature our one bolt “sure lock” tension adjustment and also have a unique feature that other adjustable […] […]

Holiday Banners and Titan Banner Brackets

[Translate] The holiday season is upon us and that means banners for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Spending money and resources on your banners is important and even more important is making sure those banners are perfectly displayed and securely attached to your utility poles and buildings. Our Titan Adjustable, Titan Econo, and Titan SL models allow […] […]