Titan Banner Bracket parking lot Christmas pole decorations

[Translate] The holidays are upon us! Are you looking for something truly unique? A decoration that use only reflected light and wind to provide incredible impact. Click the link below to see our fabulous reflective solar disk displays that will surely highlight your streets, lightpoles, and buildings during the holiday season. You can also go to […] […]

Street banners, boulevard banners, and light pole brackets

[Translate] It has long been known that banners mounted on light poles or buildings are a terrific way to economically market your business, city, or special event. There are literally thousands of banner producers to choose from with most supplying similar products. This is not the case when it comes to banner hardware/banner bracket manufacturers. There […] […]

Mounting banners on buildings Titan Banner Brackets

[Translate] If you need to mount your banners on a building you need banner hardware with “lag” ports formed into the casting. Titan Banner Brackets take care of this problem with our lag ports already cast into our Slider and Base plate. Whether you choose to lag the Base Plate (if using the Titan Adjustable) or […] […]

Titan aluminum street banner brackets

[Translate] Titan Banner Brackets are not just any old cast aluminum hardware. All of our Titan Adjustable, Titan Econo, and Titan SL banner brackets are gravity cast rust-proof aluminum. Our gravity casting process assures strength by having less porosity than sand casting, and, gravity casting provides a beautiful smooth finish. Our attention to detail assures that […] […]

Titan Banner Brackets Fourth of July pole decorations

[Translate] It’s not too late for you to order your banner hanging hardware for Fourth of July banners and you can still order beautiful lighted or unlighted pole mounted decorations for the Independence Day celebration. Our Titan Banner Brackets are always in stock and available for immediate shipping and our fabulous Fourth of July pole decorations […] […]