Titan Banner Bracket street banner security

[Translate] The presentation and security of your banners is of the utmost importance to us and that is why our Titan Banner Brackets have two important features: A one degree arm cantilever provides optimum banner stretch assuring you of flat and taught banner presentation. A precast tieback hole provides additional banner security allowing for direct linking […] […]

Titan banner bracket powder coated hardware

[Translate] Many times when installing banners on light poles there is a need to have your banner hardware custom color “powder coated.” Titan Banner Brackets can be powder coated in any color necessary for our customers and we do our powder coating “in house” in our manufacturing facility here in Oregon. Utility poles are typically colored […] […]

Street banners, boulevard banners, and light pole brackets

[Translate] It has long been known that banners mounted on light poles or buildings are a terrific way to economically market your business, city, or special event. There are literally thousands of banner producers to choose from with most supplying similar products. This is not the case when it comes to banner hardware/banner bracket manufacturers. There […] […]

Titan oversized street banner mounting brackets

[Translate] Many times there is a need to mount an oversized banner on a utility pole, wall, or building front. A standard “large” banner is typically 96″ in length but sometimes a vertical banner can be much larger. When mounting an oversized vertical banner it is a good idea to sew a third or even fourth […] […]

Titan aluminum street banner mounting brackets

[Translate] Installing banner hardware does not have to be difficult and changing your banners out should be even less difficult. Many bracket manufacturers offer tension adjustment on their banner hardware but none offer “one bolt sure-lock” tension adjustment like Titan Banner Brackets. Are heavy duty tension bolt comes with pre-installed antiseize compound to assure you of […] […]