Titan Adjustable Banner Brackets for light pole banners

[Translate] The summer heat waves are upon us and that means those pesky summer winds are also blowing. If you are using our Titan Banner Brackets then that means you are not worried about the winds of summer! Our 80 mph windload certification insures you of securely mounted banners that are perfectly presented. Our super popular […] […]

Titan Banner Brackets for Fourth of July Banners

[Translate] The Fourth of July is quickly approaching and that means you will be mounting your banners along city streets and in parking lots. Titan Banner Brackets have three models to meet any of your installation needs insuring that your banners will be securely mounted and perfectly presented for your patrons. Once your banners are installed […] […]

Titan Banner Brackets Flower Basket Hangers for street poles

[Translate] Before we know it spring will be in the air and that means hanging flower baskets on all of your lamp posts and lightpoles. A mixture of flowers and banners adorning your city streets, parking lots, and building fronts is a wonderful way to show your patrons you care of the […] […]

Titan Banner Brackets for wall mounted banners

[Translate] At Titan Banner Brackets we realize that not all banners are mounted on light poles in parking lots or along city streets. As many as 30% of our clientele looks to our Titan Banner Brackets for installing their banners on building fronts, walls, and fence lines. Our Titan Banner Brackets come with lag ports pre-cast […] […]

Titan Banner Brackets street and parking lot decorations

[Translate] Titan Banner Brackets are not just the best banner mounting hardware on the market! Our commercial Christmas and holiday display customers realize the simplicity and durability of Titan mounted decorations on their lightpoles and lamp posts. It is easy to integrate banners, flower baskets, banner enhancers, and decorations by simply removing the Titan Slider and […] […]