Vintage Banner Hardware

[Translate] If you are looking for decorative style hardware to hang those holiday banners, than take a look at Titan’s Vintage Bracket sets. Made from a solid steel frame, these brackets are unlike any of other hardware. They provide an ornate style for downtown areas, museums and parking lots, aquariums, colleges and universities. Custom made to […] […]

Vintage Banner Bracket Hardware

[Translate] Titan Brackets are well known for their ease of installation and dependability, and the same goes for our new Vintage Banner Hardware. Made from solid steel, these banner brackets are designed for those looking for a more ornate style of hardware for their light poles. These brackets are custom made to fit any square, round, […] […]

Banner Hardware for Light Poles from Titan Banner Brackets

[Translate] If you are looking to hang banners this year, or wanting to add to your existing banner program, than consider ordering your hardware from Titan Banner Brackets. Our brackets are the preferred choice by customers because of their ease of installation and their dependability even in wind speeds up to 80 mph. Whether you are […] […]