Titan Hanging Flower Basket Holders for street poles and walls

[Translate] If you are in need of Flower Basket Hanging Brackets then look no further because Titan Banner Brackets is sure to have a style to fit your needs. Flower basket holders do not have to be just steel scrolls. We have a wonderful selection of basket hangers and all are available in your choice of […] […]

Titan Banner Brackets Flower Basket Holders & Triangular Banners

[Translate] Our Titan Adjustable, Titan Econo, and Titan SL banner brackets are incredibly popular for mounting any size banner on light poles, walls, and buildings. Triangular shaped banners have grown in popularity and we have an economical solution for securing the bottom of these types of banners. Our Tie Back Bracket is simple to use and […] […]

Titan Banner Brackets banner enhancers

[Translate] After you have installed your banners with our Titan Banner Brackets why not insure that your banner marketing program will have exposure even at night? Our Banner Enhancers are just the thing for you to highlight your banners at night providing 24 hour exposure! All are available with LED lighting to insure years of dependability […] […]

Titan Banner Brackets street banner mounting hardware

[Translate] The winds of spring will soon be blowing and you need to make certain that your banners are securely mounted and perfectly presented and that means you need Titan Banner Brackets. We have three Titan models for you to choose from: Titan Adjustable, Titan Econo, and the Titan SL. Titan Banner Brackets are available for […] […]

Titan SL low profile banner bracket for small banners

[Translate] Our Titan SL utilizes a small footprint to insure less visual hindrance on your low level banner installations. The Titan SL features a removable standard length 24″ solid fiberglass banner arm and is gravity cast of aluminum alloy. We can powder coat the Titan SL to match your light pole or lamp post and the […] […]