Titan Banner Brackets lightpole Christmas decorations

[Translate] The 2010 Holiday Season has officially begun and now is still a great time for you to order Titan Banner Brackets to hang your holiday banners. It is also a great time to place your order for our lighted banner enhancers and decorations for your lightpoles and buildings! We are offering […] […]

Custom banner mounting brackets for poles, walls, and buildings

[Translate] At Titan Banner Brackets we realize that not all banners are mounted on light poles in parking lots or along city streets. As many as 30% of our clientele looks to our Titan Banner Brackets for installing their banners on building fronts, walls, and fence lines. Our Titan Banner Brackets come with lag ports pre-cast […] […]

Titan oversized street banner mounting brackets

[Translate] Many times there is a need to mount an oversized banner on a utility pole, wall, or building front. A standard “large” banner is typically 96″ in length but sometimes a vertical banner can be much larger. When mounting an oversized vertical banner it is a good idea to sew a third or even fourth […] […]

Titan Adjustable Banner Brackets for light pole banners and walls

[Translate] When installing or changing out existing banners on your light-poles or wall/building mounted installations, the ability to quickly and easily loosen banner hardware tension is extremely important. Titan Adjustable Banner Brackets utilize our one bolt tension adjustment in conjunction with our dove tail wedge lock hardware configuration. All of our hardware comes with pre-installed anti-seize […] […]

Titan heavy windload banner brackets for poles

[Translate] Making certain that your banners will be safely and perfectly presented on your utility poles or wall mount areas is the most important consideration for your banner program. Titan Adjustable Banner Hardware has an 80 mph windload certification which provides you the confidence necessary to mount your banners in any location. Titan Banner Brackets are […] […]