Titan Banner Brackets Flower Basket Holders for Light Poles

[Translate] Titan Banner Brackets can handle any banner installation on buildings, walls, streets, or parking lots. And remember, if you need hanging flower basket holders for your location we have a fantastic selection for you to choose from! If you don’t see exactly what you want in our popular stock designs we would be happy to […] […]

Titan Banner Brackets decorations, flag brackets, and flower basket holders

[Translate] Titan Banner Brackets has everything you need to ornament your city or parking lot lightpoles during any season of the year. We have LED Banner Enhancers, commercial Christmas decorations, Flag Brackets, and an outstanding selection of Hanging Flower Basket Holders. All of these accessories utilize our Titan Mounting System allowing for quick, easy, economical, and […] […]

Titan Adjustable Banner Brackets for street banners

[Translate] Summer is officially here and literally hundreds of customers have ordered Titan Banner Brackets over the past few weeks. Many customers are mounting our Titan Banner Hardware as part of a decor integration program. They are utilizing the multi-application of our Titan Mounting System by combining seasonal banners with Titan Hanging Flower Basket Holders and […] […]

Titan Hanging Flower Basket Holders for street poles and walls

[Translate] Hundreds of customers have purchased and installed our Titan Hanging Flower Basket Holders along their streets and buildings. We are excited to announce our newest Basket Holder design: The Titan Double Scroll! Coming soon will be another new design so be sure to check back soon. We are currently having a Spring Sale on our […] […]

Titan pole decorations banner brackets flower basket holders

[Translate] With our Titan Bracket system our customers need only use one piece of mounting hardware to install their Flower Basket Holders, street banners, and Christmas or other holiday decorations. Each of our light pole accessories features our Titan Slider and Base Plate allowing for quick, safe, and simple interchanging of displays. Simply loosen our single […] […]