Titan Banner Hardware

[Translate] Season after season, Titan Banner Brackets continue to be the preferred choice for customers all over the country. Titan brackets allow you to display your street, avenue, and pole banners with confidence knowing they are perfectly presented and safely in place. The unique design of our hardware allows easy installation in any round, fluted, square […] […]

Wind Certified Banner Hardware

[Translate] Many are reluctant to install banners at this time of the year, but with Titan Banner Brackets there is no need to worry. Both the Titan Adjustable and Econo brackets are wind certified to withstand up to 80 mph gusts and are made with a rust-proof aluminum alloy cast. These can be customized to fit […] […]

Titan Adjustable Banner Hardware

[Translate] Why is Titan hardware preferred most by customers across the country? Because our Titan Banner Brackets are easy to install and are dependable even in winds up to 80 mph. Our hardware provides an adjustable base plate which mounts directly to any wall or pole. The fiberglass arm simply slides over and is tightened with […] […]

Vintage Banner Bracket Hardware

[Translate] Titan Brackets are well known for their ease of installation and dependability, and the same goes for our new Vintage Banner Hardware. Made from solid steel, these banner brackets are designed for those looking for a more ornate style of hardware for their light poles. These brackets are custom made to fit any square, round, […] […]

Hanging Flower Basket Holders from Titan Banner Brackets

[Translate] Titan Banner Brackets are well known for their ease of installation and dependability along with our hanging flower basket holders! Made with over 90% of recycled steel, our flower baskets can hold up to 100 lbs and utilize the same Titan mounting system as our adjustable banner hardware. Made here in Oregon, USA these brackets […] […]