Titan Adjustable Banner Hardware

[Translate] Why is Titan hardware preferred most by customers across the country? Because our Titan Banner Brackets are easy to install and are dependable even in winds up to 80 mph. Our hardware provides an adjustable base plate which mounts directly to any wall or pole. The fiberglass arm simply slides over and is tightened with […] […]

Banner Hardware for Light Poles from Titan Banner Brackets

[Translate] If you are looking to hang banners this year, or wanting to add to your existing banner program, than consider ordering your hardware from Titan Banner Brackets. Our brackets are the preferred choice by customers because of their ease of installation and their dependability even in wind speeds up to 80 mph. Whether you are […] […]

Titan Banner Brackets-Light Pole Hanging Flower Baskets

[Translate] We have a fabulous selection of our Titan Hanging Flower Basket Holders sure to fit in with any street scape or decorating program. All are available in your choice of five different powder coated colors to match you light poles, buildings, walls, or decor palette. Our Basket Holders perfectly integrate with our Titan Flag Brackets […] […]

Titan Banner Bracket street banner Enhancers

[Translate] There is no reason that your banners should not be visible at night! Titan Banner Brackets and Crystal Valley Decorating, Inc. have the perfect solution to help you highlight your banners and improve your banner marketing program: Banner Enhancers. Our banner enhancers are available with LED lights and we can custom build any design or […] […]

Wall mounted banners and Titan Brackets

[Translate] The majority of banners are mounted on utility poles in parking lots or along vehicle and pedestrian thoroughfares. However, many people need to mount their banners on walls be it on the side of a building or an actual wall boundary. The Titan Adjustable and Titan Econo Banner Brackets are perfect for wall mounted banner […] […]